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Types of various casino bonuses

In order to survive in the stiff competitive environment of the online casino business in the backdrop of more than 27 million web sites offering online casino games to the players it is imperative for the online casino web site owners to take different promotional measures for attracting the players to their web sites. Various forms of casino bonuses are in use at Best Online Casino and no casino online web site owners can dare to operate their web sites without offering these types of bonus schemes as the players are now quite choosy and examine all such aspects before registering with the online casino web sites.


No deposit bonus


This bonus is targeted to the new aspirants who happens to be under confident and in the ambit of various types of superstitions about the casino games. In order to bring them to the games of chances the casino owners have devised a scheme so that there is no risk of losing money yet getting the pleasure of playing the game of chances. Some casino web site owners may add $10 to the account of the new player to start with while some other casino web site owner may offer free spins meaning that the new player will be allowed to take away with the winnings if any. In the schemes of some other casino owner they offer 100% matching of the initial bet of the new players. If the player deposits initial money of $55 the account gets added to $110. But in all the cases, whether they are free deposit, free spin, match the deposit money, cash bonus or doubles the applicants have to be the first time players.


Reload bonus


This type of bonus scheme is designed for the existing players of the casino web site owners such as Best Online Casino. Generally the eligible players for these schemes are those who are more than six months membership with the casino web site. In order to motivate the existing players to stay on the owners of the online casino web site add 15% to 20% of the amount of deposit that the player deposit in their account for playing the games of chances. Typically the limit of the additional deposit from the owner’s side is limited to $100. This bonus is applicable not only to the dried out account holders but also to the returning players as well.


High roller bonus


This scheme is for the aristocrat and moneyed players and designed according to the status symbols liked by such players.