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The video poker

In the online casino web sites M88 Vietnam of the internet the game of video poker is quite popular among the masses. This is a card game and need five cards draw. You will require a computerized console for playing the game which may be similar to that of slotting machine game.

The video poker was possible to be made into a viable option commercially only after the development of science that made it possible to amalgamate the CPU and the monitor. The other reason why the people found the game of video poker interesting is that it lacks the frightening aspects of the indoor games such as badminton.

You start the game of video poker by inserting coin in the machine. Tickets having barcodes are also used and such tickets would signify credits. For wagering the players have to bet one or more tickets. The deal button provided has to be pushed for the wagering. Once this is done the players get cards. There shall be options available to the players for exchanging one or more cards for newer ones. The new cards are to be drawn for the same deck. The winnings will be declared for the person having the winning combinations. The winner can be a single player or a number of players.

The minimum hand to start with, in the video poker is a pair of jacks. The combinations that are played in the ordinary poker also are valid in the case of video poker too. The hands are straight, flush, two pair, three of a kind, full house, royal flush, four of a kind and straight flush.

The straight flush is a combination of cards when the cards are from the same suit and are consecutive. When your hands have pairs and three of the same kind, it is called full house. When the hand comprises of four cards of same value then the hand is called four of a kind. Royal flush is one hand that has five cards combination belonging to the same suit and the five cards should include one queen, one king, one jack, one ten and one ace.